Penelope's House Cleaning - Bringing Excellence in Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services

Penelope's House Cleaning is a Commercial Cleaning and Residential House Cleaning Company. We are located in Oak Park, Michigan and we provide services all across Metro Detroit. Our Service is GREAT and our prices are INCREDIBLE!!

Residential Cleaning: 2 (female) House Cleaners, who perform general cleaning. Vacuuming, Sweeping, Mopping, Dusting, ect.

We even provide Dish Washing, Base Board Washing, Laundry, Trash Take-Out, Refrigerator Cleaning, and Oven Cleaning if requested!!

Penelope's House Cleaning

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We Provide Best Services

Our Staff are well trained to handle all kinds of dirt. We have special cleaning equipment and solutions that makes the work simple to do. We also have very experienced workmen who have mastered in domestic cleaning services.

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Apartment Cleaning

Move Out Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Dish Washing

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